We at Blue Sky Infosys, offer the complete range of ESD Antistatic Products. The flooring tiles are compressed ESD viny based tiles available in both conductive & static dissipative properties. The manufacturing technology ensures that the tiles remain conductive permanently and also incoprporate very good mechanical properties, abrasion resistance , indentation resistance and chemical resistance.

PVC floorings
We offer a complete range of products, conductive and dissipative tiles, whichaccording to the type of requirements to ensure:
- The protection of electronic equipments and components
- The protection of people against electro-static discharge risks
- The protection of premises against explosive risks
Used in conjunction with conductive footwear, we guarantee the highest level of protection against ESD risks due to their low generation of charges (from <100 to
<20V according to the IEC 61340-4-5) and to the effective elimination of charges over the long term.


Size                          :- 600 x 600 mm

Thickness                :- 2mm & 3mm 

Static electrical       :- <2kv

Electrical resistance:-10*6≤R≤10*8Ω

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