Blue sky Infosys is one of the Leading ESD mats Manufacturer. They are made to stop the development and discharge of static electricity, which could harm delicate electronic components. ESD mats are available in a variety of shapes, weights, and thicknesses to meet a range of requirements. Silicone, vinyl, and rubber are typical building materials. To avoid static accumulation and properly discharge any static charge to ground, these mats are connected to an earth ground. ESD mats are crucial for guaranteeing the security and dependability of electronic equipment and are a crucial part of an ESD management programme.

ESD mats are essential for preserving the dependability and quality of electronic devices as well as safeguarding the producer from expensive repairs and replacements. They offer a secure and regulated working environment, lowering the possibility of ESD-related mishaps like electric shock and fires.

  • Size : 1 x 10 Meter & 1.2 x 10 Meter
  • Surface Resistance : Top Layer : 10^6 - 10^8 Ohms & Bottom layer : 10^3- 10^5 Ohms.
  • Thickness : 2 / 2.5 / 3 MM.
  • Detailed data sheet on request.

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