We are among the top ESD ESD Table Manufacturer in Delhi and provide a superb selection of anti-static furniture. Friction creates static charges in people and other insulators, which must be thoroughly dissipated before handling any electrical circuits and components that are ESD sensitive. Our workstations are made to be more productive, and since all of the attachments are made of ESD-safe materials and are grounded properly, the workspace is ESD-free.

Blue Sky Infosys is a well-known ESD Work Station Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in India. We offer ESD chairs, tables, floors, stools, and other products in addition to our Anti Static workstations, giving our customers total ESD solutions. Additionally, we offer inexpensive ESD ESD Table Cost in India.

Model no:- BS-WS- 101AL

  • Table Dimension:-4(L)*2.5 (D)*6(H) ft
  • Material of construction:-Anodize AL 40*40*Section

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Length 4 feet
Width 2.5 feet
Height 6 feet
Construction Aluminum Aluminum 40*40*Section


  • Accessories:-
    • 1. Single Tube Fitting with On/ Off Switch
    • 2. Tube Frame Top Cover
    • 3. One Power Panel with 03no. 5 /15 a switch socket and common ON/OFF MCB.
    • 4. Instrument Shelf, size: - 5 (L) *1.0 (D) at the height of 4.5 ft.
    • 5. Pin Board (size: - 5 *1 ft)
    • 6. Working surface laminated with Anti-Static Mat at the height of 2.5 ft
    • 7. Foot rest
    • 8. One Full storage cabinet
    • 9. Back Cover from the height of 2.5 ft to 6 ft.
    • 10. Universal Rail for Holding Bin
    • 11. Work Station Monitor
    • 12. ESD precautionary Sign fixed on the Table Frame
    • 13. One No. of Hi Q Wrist strap ( 2 meter Long)
    • 14. ESD Grounding built into the table frame

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