Nitrile Gloves

This legendary product is famously used in laboratories worldwide. Its balance of protection and tactile sensitivity convinced users at all different kind of applications. While it can be used as a medical examination and category III protective glove, this latex-free protection comes in handy, while you work on glass equipment in laboratories or kitchens. The finger-texturing allows optimal performance by a high a degree of sense of touch throughout the glove film. The finished surface allows grabbing of any smooth and wet surface without losing grip to it, while protecting from any surroundings that should not come in contact with bare skin.

  • Product Name:-            Nitrile Powder-Free Gloves ( Disposable Gloves)
  • Material:-                      Nitrile rubber (NBR)*
  • Sterility:                         Non-sterile
  • Color:                            Blue Size: M (240mm)
  • Package Size:-             100ea/box
  • Weight:-                         4.8g
  • Thickness at Palm (Single Wall): Specification: 3.1mil (0.08mm) Actual Measurement: 3.5 mil (0.09mm)
  • Inner Treatment:-            Chlorination
  • Features: Powder:          free Latex free Ambidextrous Disposable CE Compliant Figure textured Single use only

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