Bench Top Ionizer


The generation and accumulation of unwanted electrostatic charges, both surface and airborne, poses a serious problem in various industries and laboratories. For instance, static charges can create havoc with sensitive equipment and electronic components.

This Bench Top Instrument is designed to neutralize your ESD work-station or ESD protected area with a stream of ionized air. It does what Wrist straps, conductive mats & ESD Laminates cannot doi. e remove static charges from nonconductive objects and surfaces.




Air flow                         : 1.8 cu m/min

Noise Level                  : 45dba (at 1 m)

Power Supply               : 210V – 250V AC/50Hz

Ionization Voltage         : +/- 6KV

Un Balance Voltage      : < +/- 100V

Construction                 : Power coated MS cabinet

Dimensions                   : 230 x 150 x 110mm

Weight                           : Apex. 2.9 Kgs

Warranty                        : One Year

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The Static neutralizer is portable and uses a small fan to produce airflow. High voltages are generated out of the supply line, HV voltage is applied to stainless steel ion emitter points. These points produce intense alternating polarities, ionizing the air instantly from the fan airflow.

The Static neutralizer is designed for when handling sensitive electronic components where electrostatic discharge is a problem. The unit can also be used where static electricity causes problems such as; attraction of drift to product, misalignment of small parts due to electrostatic “jumping” and undesirable adhesion of plastic films due to electrostatic charge.

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