ESD Cap with Brim

Anti-Static Polyester Cap with brim/net

These ESD-Safe Caps are made of fabric consisting of Polyester, cotton and conductive fibers in the form of square conductive grid spaced every 5mm to dissipate static charge at a higher rate. The fabric is compatible in Cleanroom as well.

These ESD-Safe Cap are best suitable for any ESD Protected area, Mobile Phone Repairing Service Center, Cleanroom and pharmaceutical sector.

These Caps can also be custom designed and made as per customer specifications incorporating logos.

Description of ESD Apron:




Blue, White, Green, Yellow & Pink


Anti-static Fabric

Surface Resistance        


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High quality antistatic anti-dust fabrics, effective anti-dust and anti-static. The brim/net is strong, the stitching is strengthened, not easy to deform. The back of the cap is elastic beld  design, elastic adjustable. The top of the cap has air hole design, comfortable to wear.

It is widely used in industries such as microelectronics, semiconductor, manufacturing, photoelectric manufacturing, PCB industry, solar energy, bioengineering and other indystries, which are sensitive to electrostatic dust,and have high requirements for cleanliness.

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