ESD Chair Manufacturers

ESD Chair Manufacturers

Published on:Jun 30, 2021

ESD Chairs are Electrostatic Dissipative or Static Control Chairs made to divert static charge to earth to reduce static charge generated by sitting and to discharge it safely through the floor grounds.  ESD chair manufacturers like Blue Sky Infosys focus on manufacturing the best ESD chairs as they are extremely important for working with electronic components. An ESD chair is used as a primary grounding system. 

Blue Sky Infosys is an ESD chair manufacturer that manufactures ESD chairs with static Dissipative leatherette to help ground and create a safe environment from static charge. As an ESD chair manufacturer, it is the company’s responsibility to produce ergonomic stress free design to ensure utmost efficiency for a coherent workplace. Any top ESD chair manufacturer strives to ensure ultimate comfort for any client who uses an ESD chair. 

Every Blue Sky Infosys ESD chair is manufactured with 5 Prong heavy Duty ABS Base/Chrome Plated Steel Base with Anti-Static castors. As one of the top ESD chair manufacturers, Blue Sky Infosys guarantees internal Grounding through positive pressure and a  grounding chain with a metal ball. Each and every client of Blue Sky infosys is guaranteed the most premiere quality at competitive prices. 

ESD chair manufacturers need to ensure that an ESD chair has an adjustable height and back rest to provide the highest level of comfort for every client. Blue Sky Inofsys also provides customisation to their clients so that everyone can take advantage of their ESD chairs at their perusal. 

ESD Chair Manufacturers


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