Antistatic Mat

Blue Sky Infosys is one of the leading Antistatic Mat Manufacturer and Supplier from Delhi, India. An ESD mat, also known as an antistatic mat, is a rubber or vinyl mat that has been carefully made with a conductive bottom layer to reduce static electricity. The floor or a tabletop can be covered with these antistatic mats. These carpets were made with minimal resistance specifically for this purpose. These ESD mats must be grounded using a grounding coil and a thin metal sheet that is laid out on all four sides of the mat. The discharge rate can also be slowed down by using a resistor. Without the copper layer below it, an antistatic insulating mat would not give any grounding.

Antistatic Mat

  • → Equipment suitable for use in advanced laboratories and workshops.
  • → such as electronic computers
  • → Reduce the risk that static electricity will cause damage
  • → Double-layer composite construction is a choice.
  • → accessible surface layer in a typical thickness
  • → OEM choices are available
  • → Adjustable back rest.

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