ESD Apron

Blue Sky Infosys is one of the leading ESD Apron Manufacturer and Supplier from Delhi, India. We are one of India's top suppliers and dealers of ESD aprons and anti-static aprons. We provide affordable ESD aprons in many sizes, specifications, and patterns. We provide half-size and full-size versions of our specially stitched and designed aprons. These ESD-Safe Aprons are constructed from fabric that is a blend of polyester, cotton, and conductive fibres arranged in the shape of a square conductive grid and separated every 5 mm to dissipate static charge more quickly. The material is also compatible in a cleanroom. Additionally, these aprons can be built to order with pockets and logos according to client preferences. These ESD-Safe Apron are ideal for use in cleanrooms, pharmaceutical facilities, and ESD-protected areas such as mobile phone repair shops.

ESD Apron

  • → Formulation using cotton or 100% polyester plus conductive cloth
  • → Size: Large/Medium, Normal weight: 120g/m2.
  • → Grid and conductive fabric distance strip, 5mm (5mm)
  • → Time for static decay: 0.17 seconds
  • → Washing: regular dry cleaning or 30°C water
  • → Durability: 100 repeated washings
  • → Cleanrooms with 100-1000 class accessible
  • → Materials from anti-static 5mm-strip, 5mm-grid
  • → Successfully eliminating static

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